I'm Bjørn,
UX/UI & Visual Designer

I develop meaningful ideas for products, services and experiences
by talking, listening and trying to understand the people who will use them.
Based on these ideas I also create visual design for our digital world.


Bjørn Carlsson | Stockholm | b@vidako.com | +46 (0)73 7264969
Hyper Island, Berghs & Konstfack graduate

My story

Digital since Commodore 64 with a foundation from the 3D/CGI industry.

Coming from a production heavy digital design environment I have spent the last years focusing on the earlier parts of the design process with idea development, brand strategy and UX.

As a believer in user centered design I want to craft the best experiences of tomorrow in a dedicated team, but ultimately with and for the users.


» Digital Design
» Motion & 3D
» Branding and Brand Strategy
» Presentation & Client management
» Idea Generation
» Prototyping
» Story Telling & Humour
» Workshop facilitation
» Listening
» Basic HTML & CSS

"Bjørn, a great big bear you just want to be around. Fun personality, tech oriented and just an incredible doer!"
Anna Wallin – Classmate at Hyper Island

"Bjørn is a real team player and a "no problems" kind of guy. I have been working with him through many projects and he always delivers top quality stuff".
Marcus Enström – Creative Director at AdPlant

"Great personality. Invests a lot of energy into projects with a problem solving attitude and a big heart for his profession. The result is great and you get what you expect. Call him today!"
Patrik Zetterberg – Art Director at Bas Brand Identity

"Great teamplayer, fantastic work, never misses a deadline, easy and fun to work with. Many laughs when working with Bjørn".
Carin Sandström – Account Manager at PS Communication

"Bjørn is an excellent Screendesigner. His skills always surprised me. He is a specialist in Motion-Design as well. Ambitious, always punctual with lots of knowledge in his field. I enjoyed working with him on the various projects we took on".
Seven Giese – Associate Creative Director at Razorfish GmbH


I have been freelancing as a multidisciplinary AD within motion, branding, digital design, and 3D since 2005 with some agency employments in between. Please see LinkedIn for details.

Check out the video below to see how I like to structure creative processes 

Hyper Island
Design Lead Program

Arts and Crafts introduction

Berghs School of Communication
Art Direction

Stockholm University
Marketing Bachelor



During my 15 years in the industry I've had the pleasure of working with some great people and agencies.


NDA:s prevent me from showing parts of my work online but can at least be mentioned here. List below ranging from short workshops to years of partnership.

My Two Cents

As we are leaving the early stage of our global digital transformation and entering the age of the user, brands need to adapt co-creation, focus on their UX and actually deliver real value. The years of hiding behind Mad Men'esque mass marketing are long gone for most companies. Advertising as we know it is slowly dying in the wake of adblockers, netflix and digitally street smart consumers who no longer want to define themselves as the "normal" mass.

When old industries inevitably change, almost everyone needs to embrace new thinking and technology to stay relevant. Google:s CEO Larry Page rates "failure to adapt to change" as the number one reason for tech bankruptcies.
The question is not if your business will get disrupted but when.

Finally I'm a firm believer in fewer but better physical products for our planet (green/repairable/modular). A good backpack should last you a lifetime.

With all this said I'm looking forward to what the future has in store for us. Despite reading all the bad news I'm an avid techno-optimist and really think we will have to wear shades.

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