Digital Garden Assistant

Long story short
We developed an AI chatbot for Husqvarna

My contribution

Quantitative research, Qualitative interviews, Tone of voice, Visual design & Motion Design

Husqvarna has been a strong brand for gardening equipment for 325 years. In their ongoing effort to create a modern connected garden they reached out to our UX and development teams to create a digital garden assistant in the shape of a chatbot for Facebook messenger.
This chatbot would take place in Husqvarnas digital ecosystem of garden sensors as well as weather APIs to predict rain and temperature. 


The UX team:s work started with gathering quantitative data with more than 1000 frequently asked gardening questions for the chatbots core education.
We also conducted qualitative interviews with some of the leading garden experts in Sweden to gain insight into common gardening challenges.


We had the privilege of interviewing one of Swedens leading biology experts Kill Persson about gardening.

Tone of voice
Appart from being able to answer the users questions about their gardens, the bot needed a tone of voice that harmonised with Husqvarnas brand.
We went for a playful approachable voice to play down the "Terminator" vibe often associated with artificial intelligence. 

Bot training in Microsofts LUIS. A machine learning service to build natural language into apps, bots, and IoT devices. This is also where the Bot gets its personality and "voice".

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