Long story short
Re-design of Lendo.se

Desk research, User interviews, User testing, Prototyping/Visual design

Lendo is Swedens leading private loan agent connecting users with 25 banks competing to deliver their best loan offer.

They wanted to update their current look and user flow without losing the heritage they hold in Swedens financial landscape.


The work started out by conducting qualitative interviews with both current and potential users.

We also gained quantitative insights from interviews with Lendos customer support. Which were the most frequent complaints regarding the website for example?

Armed with this knowledge we set out to smoothen the overall user experience of the loan process.
Our team worked in agile sprints communicating closely with front-end development and various stakeholders at Lendo.


Desktop wireframe

Initial simplified desktop sketch setting the vision of a less cluttered landing page

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Bjørn Carlsson | Stockholm | b@vidako.com | +46 (0)73 7264969