Meeting Carnival Toolkit

Meeting Carnival Toolkit

An internal project for Hyper Island to make meetings run smoother with the help of origami paper figures. This little toolkit is very easy to use and has proven to be surprisingly effective.

Try it out today with your team ↴

Dowload the free pdf kit here

Client | Hyper Island
My Role | Concept Development, 3D Illustration & Webdesign

How the tools work

Has chaos reached Jerry Springer levels during a meeting? Simply wave the Flag until everyone calms down and regroups their thoughts.

Did someone just go off track with some completely unrelated Amsterdam story? Just put the Relevance Giraffe on the table.

Do you have a great idea that doesn't quite fit the current discussion?
Just jot it down on the
Car and park it in the Garage as a later topic.

And finally the
Good Point Hat gracefully rewarding good ideas without making a huge thing of it.

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